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Installing new equipment is a big investment.

Mike’s handles system and equipment installations of all makes and models, plus we always go the extra mile to ensure the comfort, safety and reliability of your unit.

Choosing the wrong equipment or poor installation can lead to a load of unnecessary, disruptive issues and repairs.

  • Short-cycling if the unit is too large

  • Insufficient humidity reduction

  • Added stress on the compressor leading to premature compressor failure

  • High energy costs leading to premature system failure

  • Thousands of dollars down the drain…

Here are just some of the ways we go above and beyond:

  • Foil taping and mastic sealing of all system joints to prevent air leaks

  • Steel plenums for strength and durability

  • Ducts sealed airtight to the plenums, preventing further air leaks

  • Whole Home Filter Cabinets and Filters to maximize air filtration and protect your home

  • Safety Float Switch to protect your ceiling from water damage if emergency drain pan drainpipe gets clogged

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